Eyelash Salon COCO

Parisienne Lash Lift

Parisienne Lash Lift

The lash lift ingredients we use are made from cosmetic ingredients that is hypoallergenic and safe. 

Our Lash Lift can lift up your eyelash up to 80 degrees from the bottom

We doesn’t use chemical perm solution which damages your eyelash

Lash lift can make beautiful curls with less damage. 

We make the best curl to match your shape of the eyes and eyelids and length of the eyelashes according to your preference. 

Curled eyelashes make your eyes look glamorous. 

This treatment is effective in lifting up your eyelid and produces a continuous arch from the bottom to the top of the eyelash.



Who is Allergic to Lash Extension or Glue

Who isn't satisfied with the curl by Eyelash Curler

Who can't try Eyelash Extension due to certain reasons