Our newest “Flat Plus” has the longest eyelash extension stability ever.

For higher stability, we will place the Flat Lash from both top and the bottom which will cover your own lashes from all sides.


The time of application is reduced to only 30 minutes which is much quicker compared to other techniques. 


Recommended to customers wishing for better stability.


“Flat Plus Extension” uses the “Flat Lash” and “Air Flat Lash”. The new Flat Lash has the secret dent which allows more surface to to be contacted to your own lashes.

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FLAT PLUS Before and After One Month
Special Discount
New customer only

Single Lash 120 Lashes $93→$78

Single Plus 160 Lashes  $160→$129

Flat Plus 100 Lashes         $125→$100

Special Promotion
One time only

Flat Plus 100 Lashes         $125→$100

Valid until End of month

Please give us a call to make an appointment for the Special Discount



Flat Plus 160 Lashes $190

Flat Plus 100 Lashes  $125

Flat Plus    50Lashes   $65   

ADD ON Flat Plus  Per  Lash  $1.3

About  Flat Lash

Made with top quality technology.

The unique flat shape makes more surface contacting the eyelash, enabling more long lasting extensions.



who likes more soft and comfortable extensions

who wants long lasting extensions

who likes more natural look extensions

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There is a secret dent that allows more surface to be contacted with your eyelashes and ables to make it harder for the extensions to fall off or move around in unwanted directions.

The secret dent allows more surface to be contacted with your eyelashes making a more long lasting eyelash extension experience



When people who feels the usual single lash extensions are weighing their eyelash down or has thin and weak eyelashes puts Classic Flat extensions on, you will notice how the eyelashes will not be sinking and rather making the eye looking more defined and gorgeous. 

Less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.


NO SHOW will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.